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The Appeal of a Gay Sadistic Master

It’s likely you’ll have heard of sadism, whether in a sexual sense or not, but do you know what a gay sadistic Master is, or why people want one? There is more depth to sadism than you would expect. Dirty Minds Media are going to dive into it in this blog and tell you more about this side of BDSM.

What is Sadist?  

A sadist is defined as someone who gets pleasure, usually sexual gratification, from inflicting pain or humiliation on others. If this is practiced in a sexual way on a consenting partner. It is not classified to be linked to the sexual disorder of sadism, in which people seek non-consensual partners to inflict pain on. 

What is Masochist?

A masochist is the Ying to a sadists Yang – they are the consenting person in which a sadist will inflict their pain on. Masochists are defined as people that enjoy being on the receiving end of pain. This can be physical or psychological (humiliation and degradation). Masochists and sadists go hand in hand like doms and subs, however, some sadists have masochistic tendencies and vice versa. 

The Origins of Sadomasochism 

Before we talk about why someone may want a gay sadistic Master, let’s look at where sadomasochism came from. These two practices have existed for far longer than they have been given names. The two terms were named by German psychologist, Richard Von Krafft-Ebingin in which he describes two ‘sexual anomalies’ – sadism and masochism. 

The name sadism comes from Marquis de Sade, a French man better known for the publication of many erotic novels including ‘The 120 Days of Sodom’, ‘Justine’ and ‘Juliette’. All of these novels depicted sexual violence which would today be described as sadism. 

Masochism was also born from another novelist – Austrian noble, Leopold von Sacher-Masoch. He published a novel titled ‘Venus in Fur’. This semi-autobiographical work sees a man convince a woman to make him as her slave and in turn, she becomes cruel towards him in order to sexually please him. These two novels went on to shape the BDSM community today, along with many other influences. 

Examples of Gay Sadistic Master Play in BDSM

If a gay dominant were to exhibit sadistic behaviour, he may choose to call himself a gay sadistic Master. Masters often have slaves and will participate in behaviour in the bedroom that fits in with this dynamic. This could include things like impact play.

Impact play refers to practices such as spanking, paddling, whipping, cropping, or slapping. This will get the blood flowing and release endorphins. Usually with a Master/slave, there will be whipping, and cropping involved to really highlight the power dynamic between the two. 

Another example could be sensory play. This would involve restricting a masochist with items such as rope, handcuffs, spreader bars, suspension, and chains. In addition to this, there may be impact play that happens whilst the masochist is tied up and restrained.  

Sadists and masochists may not always enjoy physical hurt, sometimes it can be psychological and emotional pain. This would see a sadist humiliating and degrading a masochist, often calling them names, making them perform tasks that are embarrassing or talking to them as if they are in trouble. 

Why Are People Sadists?

People have been trying to understand sadism for centuries. Many of those who take part in sadistic sexual practices and are gay sadistic Masters are normal, everyday individuals. It is important to note that there are many theories and many ideas around why people are sadists. Some people may feel one explanation is correct for them, but some may find a different explanation fits them. Sexuality, especially BDSM, is very complex and cannot be explained using just one theory. 

The first theory is that this behaviour is learnt. It may be an individual has watched porn of a sadistic nature. This, coupled with the high level of arousal, can be enough for someone to want to repeat the behaviour in order to achieve this arousal again. 

A lot of the theories behind gay sadistic Master’s and other sadistic roles within the BDSM community, suggest that inflicting this pain gives the sadist a high sense of power and authority over the masochist. 

Why Do People Like Gay Sadistic Master’s?

Masochists enjoy receiving pain in a sexual sense, so it makes logical sense for them to be partnered with sadists. Many masochists report that during sessions, they feel like they are floating, and they can escape everyday life. It gives them an outlet for frustrations and worries, allowing them to focus on one thing. Studies have shown that those who take part in such sexual behaviours tend to have less anxieties than the general population. This proves that against popular belief, those who participate in the S&M side of BDSM don’t have anything psychologically wrong with them, they are just looking for an escape and to relieve the anxieties of daily life.

Gay Sadistic Master’s in Porn 

Here at Dirty Minds Media, we love all sides of fetish and BDSM. We show this by including all aspects of it in the porn that we have. Our website has many videos that range from shoe and sock fetishes to Master and slave dynamic kink videos. All of our videos feature actors who enjoy what they are doing, which means it doesn’t feel fake like a lot of porn does. When we hire our models, we look for those with a real passion for porn, offering the fetishes we provide. This allows us to ensure the best quality porn for you, and the greatest enjoyment for both actor and viewer.

Whether you love a gay sadistic Master, or you’re looking for some other BDSM and fetish porn to fill your time with, head over to Dirty Minds Media to see the fetish videos we have. What are you waiting for? Unlock your inner desires and come and see what we have in store for you!

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