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Gay Toys and Incorporating Them into your Sex Life

For years, many of the LGBTQ+ community have stuck with the belief that using gay toys within your sex life is a sign that your partner cannot fully sexually satisfy you – this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Sex toys can expand and even deepen the bond between you and your partner. They also go far beyond just dildos and cock rings. Dirty Minds Media are here to talk all things sex toys and how you can incorporate them into your bedroom routines.

How Can Gay Toys Benefit You?

Before we start looking at what toys you can use to please yourself and your partner, we should talk about the benefits. Let’s cast out the idea that sex toys weaken your relationship and embrace all the ways they can improve it. We get that a lifetime of social stereotyping and shaming can lead to the rejection of sex toys; we want to soothe your mind and restore your confidence.

Boost Body Confidence 

Something the gay community suffer from widely is body insecurities. With so much pressure to fit into one of the many existing boxes (jock, twink, bear etc), some may find it impossible to live up to the standards and expectations of these that are set by the gay community. There is also a huge pressure to climax at the same time as your partner or enjoy things that perhaps just don’t please your body in the right way. A lot of men find they blame themselves for premature ejaculation and failure to maintain erections, but these are common problems, and the self-doubt you feel in yourself because of them can be easily remedied by sex toys. There are many sex toys out there that are designed to stimulate and assist males with holding erections for a longer amount of time. 

Improving your Sexual Satisfaction 

Leading on from our last point, gay men who have made sex toys a regular part of their sex life have reported higher levels (by about 90%) of sexual satisfaction. This includes areas such as orgasm and masturbation. Sex toys can allow you to explore each other’s bodies in ways you might not have thought about before. Have fun unlocking desires, sweet spots, and learn what makes each other tick. An increase in sexual satisfaction can also benefit your relationship overall; if the sex is good, a relationship will thrive. 

Release all the Pressure

Gay men may feel like adding gay toys to the bedroom will mean they have something to compete with. Sex toys produce the opposite effect and can allow users to perform at their optimal level. This can take our minds off the looming pressure to perform well, as with toys, you don’t even need to give it a second thought. You may feel a missing piece in the bedroom – a sex toy could fill the gap (if you will). 

Breakdown of Gay Toys 

Sex toys don’t have to necessarily be ‘gay toys’ for gay couples to use them. There are, however, many toys designed specifically for gay men and their partners. There are also some sex toys that appeal more to queer men than to straight men, like butt plugs, double-ended dildos, and fetish gear. Let’s take a look into the different types of sex toys that are available to you and your partner!

Cock Rings

Cock rings aren’t necessarily gay toys, but they are one of the most popular form of male sex toy out there. You can purchase these just about anywhere – online or in most sex shops. They are normally made of soft latex and are battery operated. Placing these at the base of the penis to stimulate the prostate with soft charges of vibration is the perfect way to get you or your partner going.

Butt Plugs 

The default sex toy for any gay couple – the butt plug.  Whether it’s a vibrating one, a glass one or a butt plug training kit, these little devices are a must have for any gay couple. A training kit is perfect for someone who is just getting used to anal play and wants to push their limits a little, but if that isn’t your speed, you can just try a normal one. Many gay couples like to use glass butt plugs as they slide in very easily with lube. 

Pup Play Equipment 

If you and your partner are into pup play, it might be worth investing in some toys that can enhance the scenes for you! You can purchase pup tails that are attached to a butt plug. Not only does this give the illusion of a tail but also provide stimulation for you. The pup play fantasy would not be complete without a mask/puppy hood. Available at many online shops, there are a wide range to choose from and can really help you feel more comfortable in your pup space. 

Cleaning Your Gay Toys 

We couldn’t introduce you to all these wonderful toys without talking about cleaning them! This is arguably the most important thing and can help to avoid bacterial infections and transmission of any STI’s. Depending on the material your toy is made from, you can either wipe it with specially made sex toy wipes, or wipe it down with hot soapy water and a cloth after use. Do not submerge any electrically powered toys in any water. 

Adding to the Bedroom 

Now you’ve got a complete guide to adding gay toys to your sex life – why not look at some other things? Whether you’re single or in a relationship, porn can be a gateway to fantasies and great sexual pleasure. You can watch alone and use sex toys, or maybe you could watch with your partner for a more intimate experience. Dirty Minds Media have a range of porn videos for your viewing pleasure! What are you waiting for? Come and watch our videos and see what fantasies you might unlock! 

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