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Does Fetish and Gay Pride Go Hand in Hand?

For many years, there has been conversations about fetish at gay pride events. Many believe the two should be separated. Others believe they should be joined together. Both sides have some interesting things to say. Here at Dirty Minds Media, both of these elements are a big part of what we do, so we wanted to take a closer look into this topic and discuss it further with you! 

What is a Fetish?

Fetish is defined as a form of sexual desire in which sexual gratification is linked to an abnormal part of the body, item of clothing, or object. Love for fetish can be shown by wearing kink gear which can consist of things like leather, chains, and bondage. Dirty Minds Media celebrate all kinds of fetishes, including gym socks, armpits, and feet! 

What is Gay Pride?

Gay pride is typically an event that is held to celebrate LGBTQ+ identities and culture. This usually involves a parade. It is important to remember that gay pride parades started as protests across the world in times when LGBTQ+ people had little to no rights. Pride is now more of a celebration in which people can have fun and freely be themselves around others. However, it is vital that its history is not erased or ignored.

Fetish Has a History at Pride

Years ago, when heteronormative attitudes and homophobia forced LGBTQ+ people underground, communities formed and blossomed. Leather daddies communed in bars across the world offering a safe space to gay men who felt alienated by their sexuality and the people around them. Drag queens, sex workers and leather daddies were all part of a similar strain; hiding from the world due to shame, lack of acceptance and fear of being labelled a pervert. The kink community have been part of queer protest since Stonewall, making fetish a heavily ingrained part of the queer community. People wore fetish wear during the first gay pride protests as a way of expressing sexual freedom and battling back against the constraints of society. 

Fetish wear exists to be non-judgemental and inclusive. It exists to allow people to be at a complete freedom with themsleves. The main values behind pride events are joy, acceptance, and love. Some people do this in some ways, other chose to present this through fetish wear. 

Why are People Against Fetish at Gay Pride?

People that are against fetish being present at gay pride suggest that it is damaging for children to witness this. They say that children should not be witness to fetish wear and that pride should be a family event. It is also argued that pride goers did not consent to see fetish wear and it promotes exposing kinks to people without consent. People’s sex lives should be private and only shared with other consenting adults, no matter the event. 

There are suggestions that kink, and fetish sexualises the entire event. When queer people have fought so hard to not have their sexualities fetishised (with straight men fetishising lesbians etc), people say it fuels this fire. Another argument states that it cheapens pride and makes it a mockery to hetero society, proving them right that the LGBTQ+ community isn’t to be taken seriously.

Why are People For Fetish at Gay Pride?

Some people believe that excluding kink from pride events is a naïve view when it plays such a huge part in LGBTQ+ history and matches the values it stands by. People argue it should be allowed by saying that kink and fetish might not be sexual orientations but, there is no denying how important the fetish community was to the original riots. You also cannot ignore how largely tied communities like the leather daddy community are to gay pride. To exclude fetish from pride, you ignore what it originally stood for. Many have said that kink affirms their queer sexuality and adds to how at home they feel in their own bodies. 

Where children are concerned, many LGBTQ+ parents have expressed that they want their children to know they can have their own way in life. This includes making choices about their sexuality and sexual preferences. These parents say that policing how other people can express themselves actually sets a bad example to children and teens attending. It shows that even the community that is supposed to welcome their LGBQT+ parents with open arms, can be judgemental and scorn others for being different. 

Will Fetish Continue to Be at Gay Pride Events?

The answer is most likely, yes. Pride is a form of expression, and it would be hard for anyone to take that away from queer fetishists that attend these parades. Both arguments have valid points that touch on consent, queer history, and the true meaning of gay pride. This debate resurfaces every year just before pride events are due to start, and no one can ever agree. This is likely to continue as, at their heart, both gay pride and fetish are symbols of acceptance and expressing your true self. 

Dirty Minds Media 

Here at Dirty Minds Media, we are unapologetically gay. We also love fetish. If perhaps you don’t feel comfortable expressing yourself at a pride event just yet, you might find that watching some gay fetish porn will allow you to feel more confident. Or at least give you some comfort that you’re not alone in loving all things fetish. Our website has many porn videos just waiting to be discovered. Why not watch with a partner, or even on your own! We have many fetishes to choose from so no matter what you’re into, we have a video for you. We have varying subscription lengths for you to choose between. This will allow you to decide if you want to stick around a little longer.

So what are you waiting for? Come and join us today and unlock a fantasy within you! You’ll find that here at Dirty Minds Media, celebrating gay pride and loving fetish go hand in hand! 

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