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Dirty Minds Media’s Gay Couple Sex Toy Christmas Gift Guide

Are you getting in the festive spirt? With the big day less than a week away, Dirty Minds Media are thinking all things Christmas! Whilst some are fantasising about how they can make this festive season their kinkiest ever, we have actually been putting this into practice. If you haven’t bought your partner something this Christmas, now is the time to do it, before it’s too late. So come with the Dirty Minds Media team on a sexy gift guide journey!

Sex Cards 

Starting off with something a little light – sex cards. If you and your partner aren’t quite ready to explore the kinky side of each other yet, purchasing a pack of sex cards might be the best way to ease yourself into it. One pack of cards usually contains a set of 50 (all illustrated) with the promise of adding hours of fun to the bedroom. These cards include 50 sex positions for you and your partner to try out, from simple ones, to more risqué (some even involving 3 people!). You can usually grab these for a bargain price, and they’re the gift that keeps giving. You can even add extra things to the game, like lube, massage oil, or sex toys. 

Stroking Vibrator 

Sometimes, a vibrator just does the job better. This is definitely the case for vibrating strokers available online at the minute. Perfect for solo or partner play, this type of vibrator has angled loop for the penis and a handle that is easy for you to hold whilst your partner enjoys. We would recommend this sex toy as a gift for any submissive in your life. It’s perfect for teasing and edging in the bedroom, usually boasting a range of speeds.  

A Dirty Minds Media Favourite: Butt Plug Set 

The no-brainer gift for any gay guy – a butt plug set, because you can never have enough! Whether you’re an experienced gay couple, or a young gay couple looking to try things out for the first time, butt plug sets are a guaranteed useful sexy present. Usually made from silicone, these sets have three sizes of butt plug for a range of users. If you’re looking to try anal for the first time but want to warm up to it, these plugs are the best way to stretch your anus before, so you are prepared. The best thing about these is they don’t have to be used when you are with your partner, your other half can enjoy some alone time with them when you’re not around. 

Leather, Leather, Leather!

Many are like us here at Dirty Minds Media, and love a bit of leather. If your significant other is into leather, then what better Christmas gift than a leather harness! There are many out there on the market, but we are a little bit bias towards the one we have available on our website. Not only is it stylish and perfect for everyday low-ley kink wear, but it will also look great on your partner in the bedroom. What a great way to add leather into your sex life and your daily life all at once!

Suction Dildo 

If you know your partner likes a little something different, Dirty Minds Media would recommend a suction cup dildo that they can place in the shower. These dildos come in a range of shapes, sizes, materials, and colours, so no matter what your partner likes, you will be able to find something for them. Whether you’re having a solo or couple shower session, these dildos will get you all hot and steamy! 


There’s always time for romance around Christmas time, and time to get hot under the collar with your partner. Giving lubricant as a present can rekindle a fire and promote sexual health and wellness within your relationship. Try going festive with your lubes with flavours such as gingerbread and candy cane. Why not couple this gift with a suction dildo or butt plug set?

Dirty Minds Media T-shirts 

Something a little bit less sexual for those who maybe have already out done themselves on the sex toy gifts – t-shirts. Does your partner enjoy the porn on Dirty Minds Media? If they do, why not treat them to one of our fetish themed t-shirts. We have three different designs: ‘fetish goals’ depicting a drawing of a sexy gay man in underwear and a leather harness, ‘Dirty Minds’ a top with our logo on it, and ‘Marco Napoli’, a t-shirt depicting porn star Marco Napoli. These t-shirts are the perfect low-key kinky gift for any lover of porn and fetish!

Pup Play Gear 

For something a little out there – pup play gear. Pup play is a massive subculture within the gay community and if this is what you and your partner love, go ahead and grab some gear as a gift! Pup play puppy hoods are the real deal. They add to the pup headspace, making the scenes between you and your pup more authentic. The same can be said about a flexible butt plug tail. Give the gift of pup play this Christmas, because who doesn’t love getting a puppy on Christmas day? 

Dirty Minds Media Porn Subscription 

Dirty Minds Media offer a 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month subscription so that you can tailor it to the porn needs of you and your partner. If you know your partner inside and out, gift our 12-month subscription. If you’re not sure whether they’ll like it, go for one of our lower duration subscriptions. 


All those kinky gifts should light a spark in your brain when it comes to gift giving this Christmas! Treat your partner to that extra something sexy this year and rekindle the fire in the bedroom. The items mentioned from Dirty Minds Media can be found on our store, and the subscription sign up is just a click away! What are you waiting for? Fill your stockings with Dirty Minds Media this festive season.

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