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Dirty Minds Media: The Story

It’s not very often you get to look into the creation of your favourite porn site beyond their about page, but here at Dirty Minds Media, that’s not the case. Not only do we want to share our deepest and darkest fantasises with you, but we also want to share with you our story and how we came to be! We believe in connecting people and showcasing the hottest porn videos we can, so let’s take a look into how this all started.

Who Are We?

Let’s start off with the simple question – who are we? Well, you have probably heard of Manuel Scalco, one of our founders and the star of many of our videos here on the site. Manuel is an international porn actor who has risen to fame after starring in many porn videos. He also shares content on his OnlyFans account. The other founder of Dirty Minds Media is Manuel’s best friend JC. 

How Did Dirty Minds Media Get Started? 

All of us have had a sexual fantasy at some point. Come on, don’t lie, we know you have! Manuel and his best friend JC are no strangers to a steamy fantasy. They have also experienced some hot encounters themselves. Both friends have a passion for eroticism, considering it to be a form of art in a way. One day, whilst swapping sexy stories, JC suggested to Manuel that they should take these experiences and fantasies and turn them into a collection of porn videos for the world to see. From this, Dirty Minds Media was born. 

What Does Our Website Include? 

Dirty Minds Media consists of a range of pornographic movies that cover all sorts of sexual fantasies. From roleplay to more extreme fetishes like fisting, there is something for everyone. We are lovers of the foot fetish so if that is your fetish, you will feel at home here. A lot of our content revolves around a passion for all things feet, sports socks, and sneakers. We also love fetish equipment such as harnesses, cock rings and jockstraps to add an exciting kinky element to everything we put out for you.

Everything we include on our site has come from the minds of Manuel and JC. They like to bring you exciting videos that are based off real encounters they have had. This makes every video as authentic as possible. Our porn videos tell a story and make everyday scenarios hot and exciting adventures. We star hot actors and also, we regularly star other international porn stars, not just Manuel. Every porn video we post focuses on Manuel and JC’s travels around Europe, highlighting their hot cruising adventures and sexual encounters they have experienced. 

Who Do We Look For? 

The models we select for our website and videos must have a real passion for what they do. It all about the sexual chemistry for us, and if this isn’t there, the videos we produce may suffer because of it. Any potential model we select must reflect the tastes of the fetishes we show. We want our models to have a great time on set; if they are enjoying themselves, the audience will be able to enjoy themselves more! We love models who enjoy feet, sportswear, armpits and much more.

When we are conducting interviews, that passion and dedication is what we ultimately look for, but we also look for the image. Our models can be conventionally attractive as this is what you, our audience, look for from us. However, we don’t discriminate. We know that the gay community is full of an array of body types. The muscular stereotype is not all we can offer; the wonderful models here at Dirty Minds Media range from twinks to daddys, from muscular men to bears. Anyone is welcome to become a model for us, but you must first and foremost have a passion for eroticism and all things fetish! 

Why Should You Watch Dirty Minds Media?

A lot of porn that exists online feels fake. Many viewers find gay porn can feel manufactured and rigid, as if the actors within it are faking their own enjoyment. Here on our site, we break down the barriers between acting and enjoyment to ensure our models and actors are fully interested in the scenes they are doing. Manuel Scalco set up this site to showcase his own fetishes and fantasies in an erotic way for others to enjoy, and along with that, wanted to make sure the actors taking part also enjoy themselves. If the actors within porn are having a good time, it is more likely that an audience will like their performance and be turned on by it. 

Our Subscriptions

No matter your tastes, you can find a subscription that suits you best. We offer a 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month subscription so that you can tailor it to your porn needs! Not sure if you’ll like our content? Sign up for the 1-month subscription just for a little taster, that way, if you don’t enjoy it after a month, you can cancel. On the other hand, if you find you love it here on Dirty Minds Media, why not choose a long subscription? If you wish to cancel your subscription, you can cancel anytime and can contact our admin team for help if you need it. 

Our Dirty Minds Media Shop 

We don’t just offer top calibre porn videos; we also have a small range of merchandise for you to choose form! If you want to support your favourite gay porn site, why not grab one of our Dirty Minds t-shirts or a leather harness to use in your own bedroom?

Come And see…

If you are inspired by the Dirty Minds Media story and are intrigued to find out more, come and visit our site today. We have everything you could wish for and more. Come and discover the sensual porn videos from the mind of Manuel Scalco – What are you waiting for? 

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