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Adding Dom & Sub Roleplay to Your Sex Life

Sometimes your sex life can get boring. We’ve all experienced the lull in a relationship, that period when the honeymoon phase comes to an end. It’s okay, everyone has been there, that’s why Dirty Minds Media are here to help. We want to enlighten you on Dom & Sub roleplay, and how you can inject a little spice into your bedroom by using it.

What is a Dom? 

A Dominant, or Dom for short, is the name given to someone who exercises control and has power and influence over another in the bedroom, usually a Submissive. The illusion is that Dominants appear to be in charge, however, a Submissive is always truly in control of a scene. They can stop it at any time, and a Dominant should respect this. 

What is a Sub?

A Sub, or Submissive, is the opposite to a Dominant. They will give over control to a Dominant. This usually requires a lot of trust, as some scenes may be potentially dangerous towards a Submissive if they are practiced with someone who abuses their power. They have the power to stop a scene at any given point using a safe word or a traffic light system. 

What is Dom & sub roleplay?

When you mix the two together, you can create some sexual roleplay that is fun for both people involved. A Dom will dominate a submissive and this creates an interesting power dynamic that can be transferred into roleplay scenes of many different types. Roleplay is a big part of BDSM and can include scenes such as doctor and patient, master and slave, handyman and client, boss and employee, and police officer and criminal. This type of roleplay has to be between two consenting adults due to the abuse of power that could occur. 

Safe Words and Consent

As with every area of BDSM, consent is key. Before you start, it is worth discussing limits, turn on’s and safe words to ensure everyone is on the same page. A safe word is a word you can use during a scene if you want it to stop. This is usually something that isn’t going to come up in the scene, like ‘pineapple’ or ‘Elmo’. It might be helpful to draw up a contract of sorts that includes questions such as ‘what do you want me to do?’, ‘where is it okay to touch?’, ‘what degrading words are okay to use?’ and more. You need to discuss the roleplay scene and what you want to happen. A lot of bedroom roleplay like this is pre-planned and discussed before. 

Why Do People Like Roleplay?

What is it about roleplay that gets people so hot under the collar? BDSM roleplay has been used in the bedroom for years, many people across the world love it. Research shows that there is some psychology behind why it’s so popular. Studies found that those who participate in some form of BDSM roleplay were less likely to experience psychological stress and had an increase in sexual arousal compared to those who didn’t participate.

Some people enjoy roleplay as it gives them a chance to escape themselves, reality, and social and gender norms; others like it as it allows them to draw on personality traits and sides of them that they usually mute during every day life. It gives people an opportunity to explore another side of themselves in a safe and consensual environment with someone that they trust, whilst also making their sex life exciting, fresh and something to look forward to. 

Dom & Sub Roleplay Vs Dom & Sub Lifestyles 

Sometimes, Dom & Sub roleplay can extend beyond the bedroom and into everyday life. One of the most prominent examples of this within the gay community would be the pup and handler dynamic. Whilst a pup roleplay would take place solely within your sex life, a BDSM relationship will cross the lines and incorporate it into your everyday, for example, some pups will sleep in cages sometimes, eat from dog bowls and play with dog toys. With a handler present, this is still classed as a Dom & Sub relationship as there is an exchange of power between the two. 

In a Dom & Sub relationship, the submissive may wear a day collar. This is a discreet sign to show that they are owned by a dominant. This could be a necklace with lock, or something else that can go unnoticed. A couple in this type of relationship may have a set of rules to follow outside the bedroom, just like they have inside the bedroom.

Trying Dom & Sub Roleplay 

If you are looking to try Dom & Sub roleplay in the bedroom, it is important to know what you wish to get out of it. Are you looking for pure pleasure, an escape from reality or just a change in your sex life? Discuss this with your partner about what you both want before you go into it. Work on curating a roleplay scene that you will both enjoy and that you are both comfortable with. You can try adding costumes and using particular toys within your roleplay to give it an extra pleasurable aspect. 

Watch Dom & Sub Roleplay Porn 

If you are not sure what you want to try out, why not watch some porn for inspiration! Here at Dirty Minds Media, we have a range of different Dom & Sub scenario videos for you to choose from, no matter what your fetish is. Our porn videos are dedicated to the hottest fantasy roleplays, so even if you’re not ready for your own just yet, you and your partner can watch our porn stars get it on. This is the perfect way to open up a conversation and start your Dom & Sub roleplay journey. 

What are you waiting for? Come and see what Dirty Minds Media has in store for you today! Who knows, you might awaken a desire for some roleplay.

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