About Us


DirtyMindsMedia was born from an idea of the International porn star MANUEL SCALCO. All of the videos on this website are the result of his most hidden fantasies. A mix of videos that tell a story, that can be of an everyday scenario , to simple castings with new, hot and sex-hungry young actors. Or, with International porn stars! This to make you horny every moment of viewing!

DirtyMindsMedia mainly deals with the hottest sexual fetishes. From sportswear, shoes, socks to fetish equipment such as harasses, cock rings, jockstraps and boots. Many stories tell about travels around Europe of hot cruising and encounters with many sexy men. From the young, to older, from muscular, to the big dick Twink!  All profiles are included!!! The main feature to each video is a lot of passion!

If you like porn with kissing, tongues everywhere, arm pit licking and great foot sessions, you have come to the right place. MANUEL SCALCO will be happy to try many new men and share with you each video. This, with the hope you can do a lot of hand jobs ! What are you waiting for? You just have to sign up.

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